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Come Over Rover - Daycare and so much more!


Here at Come Over Rover we do things a bit differently than your average pet care facility. We offer trainer-led, small group daycamp that focuses on providing a healthy, positive, learning-focused environment.

We don't just want to send your Rover home tired...we want to ensure he hasn't picked up any bad habits or rude manners.  In fact, we want to help him become the most confident and happy dog he can be!

Our in-home setup allows us to reinforce the good house habits you've worked hard to instill. And our experienced trainer will work with your Rover to ensure he continues to learn to be a polite companion to both his canine and human friends.


Our Facility


Come Over Rover Dog Daycamp & Training is situated on a private two-acre forested residential property on a secluded and quiet cul-de-sac. We're conveniently located near Mason's Beach in beautiful Shawnigan Lake, BC.



The daycare facilities consist of:

  • A 2,500sf dog-friendly home with plenty of space for playing, training and resting

  • A securely fenced 1,000sf outdoor play area

  • An in-home boarding area with with comfy sleeping spaces


Our facility is meticulously cleaned daily with homemade pet-safe products, and we use locally sourced, all-natural gardening and laundry products to keep our visiting Rovers healthy!


A Day at Come Over Rover


Each COR daycare day includes lots of trainer-supervised indoor and outdoor dog group play, guided games, mini training sessions, and rest time as required.

Dogs are always directly supervised and are given gentle feedback to encourage appropriate interactions and polite play. Our experienced trainer and small group sizes ensure each dog has a positive, safe experience.

At the end of every day we want each Rover to go home tired and happy!

All-day Training

Trainer Tara incorporates learning into each and every activity!


We believe that every moment is an opportunity for a dog to learn and grow and we do our best to make it fun and enjoyable for all our visitors.  We use positive-focused training methods and games to promote the behaviours we want to see and discourage the ones we don't.

Groups are constantly monitored and guided to promote respectful, polite play.  We use patient and consistent feedback to encourage appropriate and safe interactions that translate into good manners in and out of the daycare!


We incorporate lots of daily mini-training sessions, both as a group and individually with each Rover to build a solid foundation of focus, engagement, and calmness.

We’re always more than happy at any time to take a moment to discuss your pet’s home and daycare behaviour and offer experienced advice and support.

Dirty Maddie_edited.jpg
No-Muddy-Mutt Guarantee!


No one likes to pick up a mucky, smelly pup! That's why our daycare rates include a wipe down and towel dry for when your Rover gets a little dirtier than usual. We use all-natural, dog-safe homemade or locally sourced grooming products.

We also provide our clients with the opportunity for a regular nail trim or even a full groom while attending daycare!  Shanel with VIP Mobile Grooming makes a monthly visit to Come Over Rover to provide excellent service with great rates. Ask us for details!

Enrolling Your Dog in Daycamp


At Come Over Rover Doggy Daycamp, we don't discriminate against breed, size or age.  All dogs are welcome!


Provided there are no aggression issues or safety concerns, we're happy to have puppies and dogs with minor behavioural issues join our crew.  Shy dog? Overly-excitable dog? Under-socialized dog?

We have the knowledge and experience to help!


Our screening process ensures the protection and well-being of all our furry visitors.  And our slow and methodical introduction procedures get each dog started off on the right paw! Your pet’s health, well-being, and happiness are our top priorities.

Before your dog's first day at Come Over Rover, we'd like to invite you and your pet over for an after-hours informal Meet & Greet to show you around and answer any questions you might have. From there we'll schedule a trial day so we can introduce your Rover to the crew and ensure he's comfortable and happy.

Our apologies, but unfortunately we cannot accept:

  • Unneutered/unspayed dogs over the age of 9 months

  • Dogs who are not up to date on their vaccinations

  • Dogs with potential health or behavioural issues that pose a threat to themselves,

               other animals or people.

  • Dogs who are not potty trained to the level expected for their age.

Daycamp Schedule​ & Hours


  Tuesday through Friday

   7:30am to 5:30pm

         Drop Off - 7:30pm to 10:00am

         Pick Up - 3:30pm to 5:30pm

We ask that each of our furry clients attend at least one regularly scheduled weekday each week. 

This helps to keep our groups familiar and our schedule fair for all our clients.  Of course, we’re happy to accommodate the occasional weekly schedule change, including adding in extra days if we have availability.

While we can occasionally provide exception to our current clients,

we are unable to take on clients who regularly need:

  • Drop off or pick up outside of the time slots listed above

  • Monday or weekend care

  • Care on a rotating or drop in schedule

  • Short-term clients

Wait List

Please note that we more often than not have a wait list for daycare enrollment.

We are unable to give accurate indications of how quickly we may move through our wait list at any time. Available daycare spots are first offered to our current daycare clients, then current training clients, then to our wait-listers according to their availability and date of first contact.

If you're eager to get your Rover started , flexibility in your initial schedule can help us help you! 

For instance, if your desired schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays, but you're willing to having your Rover start one day a week on Wednesdays, we may be able to get him in weeks earlier.  Then, as a current client, you'd be first in line to pop over to your desired days as soon as they open up.

Ready to get started?
Click on the button below to send us a request!
Daycamp Rates

      Daily Rate                         - $30

      10 Visit Pass                   - $280

Monthly Nail Trims at Come Over Rover
by VIP Mobile Grooming

​Nail Trim & Grind - $20

Baths and full grooms also available - ask us for details!

Add on services are subject to availability and are cash only.


***All Taxes Included***

We accept cash and cheque, or e-transfers for amounts over $100.

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