At Come Over Rover we know that every dog is different. We don't believe in cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all training. Experience has shown us that focusing on creating customized training plans is the most effective and efficient way to reach training goals.

Whether you're looking for puppy training, mastering polite leash walking, or assistance with more in-depth behavioural issues, we can help! We take into consideration your dog's natural abilities, as well as your own aptitudes. We do our best to accommodate your unique situation, including time, personal and physical constraints. We want to create a training plan that works for your dog and for you!

Come Over Rover Training - A Personalized Approach


The COR Training Philosophy


COR trainer Tara uses a practical approach to behaviour modification and training that centers on setting and achieving realistic goals, while helping you build and maintain a healthy relationship with your dog.

Tara believes strongly that confident, calm dogs are not only the happiest dogs, but also the most cooperative.  It's because of this belief that her customized training plans focus heavily on identify and addressing the underlying issues that can inhibit you from reaching your training objectives.


Her methods work to treat not just symptoms, but causes, such as fear, lack of focus, and communication breakdowns. She will help you find what motivates your dog to want to work with you and will teach you techniques to use those motivators, along with gentle, minimal corrections to help you achieve real-life, long-term changes.

The Training Process - The Full Process

To begin, your trainer will have you complete an online in-depth form that goes over your Rover's history, his day-to-day life, and the training goals you'd like to reach.

Once you've completed the form and your trainer has had time to review it, we'll set up a Training Phone Consult, which is a phone call to review your forms and gather further information.  There is a charge for this phone call, however, the full amount will be applied to your first session should you choose to continue on in the training process.

During the Training Phone Consult, your trainer will set up your 2-hour Initial Training Session. This session can take place at your home, at the daycare, or in a public space, depending on your goals and what your trainer feels will be most beneficial.

The main goal of your first session is to allow your trainer to observe and gather real-life information to help formulate your training plan. The secondary goal is to begin to establish trust and comfort between your trainer and your dog, as well as you! Lastly, your trainer will send you away with some instructions on what to work on at home while she formulates your custom Training Plan. 

Once your Training Plan is complete, your trainer will email you a copy for your review.  The Training Plan will outline recommended next steps, including the types, duration and frequency of training sessions, a preliminary timeline, and a cost estimate.

Because each Training Plan is highly personalized, next steps will vary but will likely include three or more Private Training Sessions. These can take place in your home, at the daycare or out in public and generally last one to two hours. In certain circumstances your trainer may ask that other people and pets from your household attend. 

Your trainer may also find it beneficial to interact one on one with your dog during a Dog & Trainer Session.  In certain circumstances your trainer may suggest a Short-term Board & Train of one night or more, a series of Daycare sessions, or others types of exercises, such as a group walks or supervised play dates. The purpose and specific details of each session will be discussed with you when your trainer presents your Training Plan.

We are always happy to work with you to fine-tune your Training Plan so it works with your lifestyle, schedule and budget.  Once finalized, you can choose to save 10% by paying for all session up front, or pay as you go.  Sessions will be booked at times that work for you, generally evenings and weekends.

Every training session will wrap up with clearly defined homework and a review of your goals and progress. It's important to us that you feel comfortable, confident and positive about your training experience and welcome questions and feedback at any time. Your trainer will always be available via email or by a scheduled phone call for questions and support during your training process and up to one month after your last session.

The last part of the final session on your Training Plan will be spent reviewing your progress, discussing management tips going forward, and talking about next steps.  If you and your trainer feel more work is needed, or that maintenance sessions are required, you'll have 60 days to receive a 10% discount on all training sessions!

We like to see our clients succeed!

Our goal is always to see help you help your dog in the most efficient, effect and economical way possible!


Quick Tips & Tricks Package

Sometimes all we need is a quick solution to a small problem!

For those situations, we offer the economical Quick Tips & Tricks (QTT) Package. These sessions are geared towards introducing and refining specific behaviours and cues. Puppy potty training, polite leash walking, quiet door greetings, and basic obedience like sit, wait and come, are perfect examples of the type of things we can work on in a QTT session.

The QTT Package includes

  • a brief phone intake

  • an assessment form review

  • a two hour private training session

  • a customized training tips and tricks guide, and

  • email support for two weeks after your Private Session!

As with all our training, the process begins with a quick phone chat with your trainer, who will send out a brief form for you to fill out to see if your dog is a good candidate for the QTT Package.  Your trainer may request a video recording of your dog once your form is received.

If your trainer feels like your dog is a good candidate for the QTT Package, she'll book a 2-hour Private QTT session in your home. During the session she'll jump right into things, assessing, demonstrating and helping your refine your training techniques. The goal of the QTT session to leave you feeling more confident in your ability to reach your specified training objective.

After your session, your trainer will email you a review of your session. If you have any questions or run into any hiccups, you'll also have access to your trainer via email for two weeks after your Private Session. 

**Please note that QTT sessions are designed for dogs who are only struggling in one facet of their training and are otherwise doing well living as a canine member of the family. These sessions are not suitable for dogs who struggle with multiple issues, or dogs who require behaviour modification, including any dog who exhibits fear, aggression, obsessive behaviours, or separation anxiety.


COR Training Rates
Training Phone Consult Deposit - $40

(to be applied in full to your Initial Training Session)

  45 to 90 minutes

Attendees: Your Trainer + You

Location: via telephone


Initial Training Session - $160

(less $40 Training Phone Consult Deposit = $120)

120 minutes

Attendees: Your Trainer + You + Your Dog

Location:  Your home, the daycare or a public space

Subsequent Private Training Sessions - $80 per 60 minutes

60, 90 or 120 minutes

Attendees: Your Trainer + You + Your Dog (+ other people & pets in your household, potentially)

Location:  Your home, the daycare or a public space

Dog & Trainer Sessions - $90 per 60 minutes
(includes pick up and drop off services + report)

60, 90 or 120 minutes (+ one 15 minute report)

Attendees: Your Trainer + Your Dog

Location: The daycare or a public space

Short-term Board & Train Sessions - $180 per 24 hours

(includes all Boarding and Daycare services, if applicable)

Board & Train stays include a minimum of 8 hours per day of direct trainer contact,

with short, structured training sessions throughout the day, plus an in-depth report at pick up.

Attendees: Your Trainer + Your Dog

Location: The Daycare + possible outings as needed for training and observation

Quick Tips & Trips Package - $180

(see description above for what the package covers - no deposit required)

Attendees: Your Trainer + You + Your Dog

Location: Your home + possible nearby outings as needed for training and observation

*QTT Packages cannot be combined with a Training Plan

*Save 10% when you pay for your full Training Plan plan at the end of your Initial Training Session*

**We service the South Cowichan area.

A travel surcharge may be charged for training conducted outside of our service area. 

Please contact us for details.**

***All Taxes Included***

We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer